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ETAPro helps Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (A&P) who have the practical experience per FAR Part 65.77 become familiar with the elements of aeronautical knowledge, risk management, skill standards and meet requirements for an Airman FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certificate.

The goal is to ensure the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (A&P) prepare for the require supporting documents, FAA interview for the FAA Form 8610-2 Authorization, pass all three knowledge test, meet the English Language Standard (AELS) per the FAA Advisory Circular 60-28 and pass the Oral and Practical examination with a FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) at the conclusion of the course.

Guidance materials, such as FAA publications i.e. Advisory Directives (ADs), Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS), Advisory Circulars (ACs), the FAA-H-8083 series handbooks, Airman Certification Standards (ACS), formerly known as the Practical Test Standards (PTS), as well as a variety of General Aviation, Wide Body, Reciprocating & Turbine Engine Manufacturer’s Technical Data and Rotorcraft will covered in detail.

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Section I- General
A. Basic Electricity
B. Aircraft Drawings
C. Weight and Balance
D. Fluid Lines and Fittings
E. Materials and Processes
F. Ground Operation and Servicing
G. Cleaning and Corrosion Control
H. Mathematics
I. Maintenance Forms and Records
J. Aviation Physics
K. Maintenance Publications
L. Mechanic Privileges and Limitations
Section II- Airframe Structures
A. Wood Structures
B. Aircraft Covering
C. Aircraft Finishes
D. Sheet Metal Structures and Non-Metallic Structures
E. Welding
F. Assembly and Rigging
G. Airframe Inspection
Section III- Airframe Systems and Components
K. Landing Gear Systems
L. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Systems
M. Cabin Atmosphere Control Systems
N. Aircraft Instrument Systems
O. Communication and Navigation Systems
P. Aircraft Fuel Systems
Q.Aircraft Electrical Systems
R. Position and Warning Systems
S. Ice and Rain Control Systems
T. Fire Protection Systems
Section IV- Powerplant Theory and Maintenance
A. Reciprocating Engines
B. Turbine Engines
C. Engine Inspection
Section V- Powerplant Systems and Components
H. Engine Instrument Systems
I. Engine Fire Protection Systems
J. Engine Electrical Systems
K. Lubrication Systems
L. Ignition and Starting Systems
M. Fuel Metering Systems
N. Engine Fuel Systems
O. Induction and Engine Airflow Systems
P. Engine Cooling Systems
Q. Engine Exhaust and Reverser Systems
R. Propellers